Keith Fink

Keith Fink, Professor Thomas Miller, and Arthur Wang After Winning the Debate National Championship in 1983

             One of UCLA’s most accomplished debaters is Keith Allen Fink. A successful lawyer and adjunct professor of Communication Studies at UCLA, Mr. Fink has called his time on the UCLA Debate Union “the most influential years of his life.” Being an accomplished debater and successful advocator for free speech and student’s rights, Keith began his pattern of lifetime success in Powell Library, spending long hours researching and preparing cases.

             Professor Fink is the epitome of a “True Bruin.” Born in Santa Monica, Keith attended University High School, where he fervently fought alone to create a now successful debate program. He then decided to use his powers of rhetoric and argumentation for the UCLA Debate Union. His debate coach, Thomas Miller, called Keith “the greatest debater in UCLA history.” He even won the US Cross-Examination Debate National Championship as a freshman, an unheard of accomplishment. Following this win, Fink was able to continue his record of success by being one of the only people ever to win three national debate championships in a row, from 1982-1984. As a junior, in 1984, he and his partner, Lisa Bloom, set the single-season college debate record for the most tournaments won in a year. Fink was a dedicated debater, who not only was a fierce competitor, but also had an unbreakable work ethic and imaginative method of case-creation. He was not afraid to spend his nights in the library library, prepping all night for the next debate tournament. Additionally, while at UCLA, Mr. Fink frequently appeared on the television show “Youth in the News,” where he demonstrated students’ abilities to have intellectual discussions with professionals and other students regarding the important issues of the day. 

Keith Fink and Professor Thomas Miller After Winning the 1983 Debate National Championship

             After graduating UCLA, Professor Fink taught debate at the Harvard school and speech at the Stephen S. Wise Temple. Concurrently, he created an incredibly successful series of college debate handbook called “Fink’s Files,” which provided analysis and arguments for the yearly debate topic. Fink then attended law school at Southwestern Law School, where he graduated Cum Laude in 1989.

             Mr. Fink has since become an adjunct professor of Discrimination Law, Labor Law, and Civil Rights and Liberties at Southwestern Law School. He is also an adjunct professor of Communications Studies at his alma mater, UCLA, specializing in free speech on campus and in the work place. His classes are consistently some of the most in-demand classes offered. He often has students sitting on the floor just so that they can hear his informative lectures.

             In addition to being a beloved professor, Keith is an incredibly successful lawyer, and the founding partner at Keith A. Fink & Associates. Professor Fink has taken part in multiple high-profile lawsuits, including a highly publicized law suit against Ellen DeGeneres for breach of contract and the defending of Hollywood Park Casino workers in a large class action discrimination lawsuit. He uses his training as a debater whenever he prepares briefs and fiercely cross-examines witnesses. To this day he displays trophies from his time at the UCLA Debate Union in his office.

             Although a fierce competitor and cutthroat opponent, his work ethic and raw talent make Keith one of UCLA’s most esteemed debaters.